Exchange 2007 Mailbox Role Calculator 17.3

Yep, Exchange 2007. Er zijn namelijk nog heel wat mensen die deze versie willen gebruiken en/of gaan migreren naar. Dat weet ook het Exchange team bij Microsoft. Zij hebben daarom een update uitgebracht voor de Exchange 2007 Mailbox Role Calculator.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the Input and Results sections to correctly indicate whether you are utilizing standalone or clustered mailbox servers.
  • Fixed storage design calculations to exclude RAID-5 and RAID-6 for 7.2K disk scenarios as they are not recommended due to the IO overhead when compared with RAID-1/0 solutions.
  • Made it so that for backup failure tolerance you must select a number greater than zero.
  • Fixed step 4 description on the Input page.
  • Fixed RAID Rebuild overhead calculations to not deal with 100% or greater scenarios
  • Updated storage design important statement

Originally, the IOPS Multiplication Factor calculations worked as follows:

<Base IOPS> + (<Base IOPS> * <IOPS Multiplier>) = <New IOPS Profile>

This was often times confusing, especially with regards to third-party applications that had multiplication factors. To coincide with the updated BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange 2007 Performance Benchmarking Guide we’ve simplified the formula as follows:

<Base IOPS> * <IOPS Multiplier> = <New IOPS Profile>

Downloaden van de Calculator kan hier, hoe je hem moet gebruiken, lees je hier.

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