Windows XP Mode en Virtual PC RC beschikbaar

Brandon LeBlanc heeft via het Windows Blog laten weten dat de Release Candidatevan Windows XP Mode en Virtual PC ter download beschikbaar zijn gesteld. Met Windows XP Mode word het mogelijkom in Windows 7 applicaties virtueel te draaien onder Windows XP.

Back in April, we introduced theWindows XP Mode beta and after a few months of incorporating your enthusiastic feedback, today we are announcing the availability of theWindows XP Mode Release Candidate..


As you may know, Windows XP Mode is specially designedfor smalland medium-sized businessesto help ease themigration processto Windows 7 by providing additional compatibilityfor their older productivity applications. The newly updatedWindows XP Mode now works with theRC and RTM versions of theWindows 7 Professional, Ultimateand Enterprise SKUs

Download de release candidatevan Windows XP Mode en Virtual PC hier.

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